Vase V.GW.01

3 600 SEK4 950 SEK inc. VAT

Vase, design Gustav Winsth. Made of clear glass and hand blown in Stockholm. The glass is blown in a special, skewed shape, making each vase unique. Available in two sizes.


The name Winsth has its roots in the glassworks of Småland. Several of Gustav Winsth’s relatives worked in the studio cabin in Kosta. He, though, had never toyed with the idea of working with glass before being commissioned to design Skjuv. His systematic, meticulous approach from his engineering background, paired with his wild, artistic approach, bears fruit in the glass vase. The blow mould for the vase is drawn in modern 3D programs, and then the traditional glass blower takes over. The result here is not 100 percent predictable. It takes on a flexuous expression. Each vase has its own unique identity.

Design by
Gustav Winsth