The important mission


Verk is a Swedish furniture company with a clear focus on sustainability without compromising on comfort or design. We work exclusively with Swedish raw materials and produce all our furniture in Sweden.

Not only are we interested in creating furniture made from natural, sustainable materials, but we also demand that they be locally produced. Everything is traceable. The raw materials are Swedish. Every component of every piece comes from Sweden, and the factories are located within the country’s borders. When we market the collection as “Made in Sweden”, we want it to mean something.

Through our stance, we want to help strengthen and support the manufacturing industry that still exists in Sweden. We have the raw materials needed for furniture production – wood, steel, leather, wool, stone – but most are exported rather than used locally. Our goal is to inspire and inform about the importance of home-grown expertise and production through transparent communication, and to contribute to change.

Relentlessly pursuing better

We still have more work to do when it comes to sourcing Swedish materials. All our products are made exclusively from local materials – with the exception of two. We have yet to find any sewing thread produced in Sweden. There are no worsted spinning mills left, and the process to restart and develop such production is both complicated and expensive. We hope, in the near future, to be able to find ways of producing our own thread and fabrics, and to be part of the revitalisation of the Swedish textile industry in general. Our second quest is to find Swedish zips. Perhaps there’s a Swedish supplier of zips somewhere out there that we just haven’t come across yet? We’re always on the lookout for new collaborators and partners who share our vision that local production is key to a sustainable future.

Verk doesn’t just sell furniture but awareness too. A piece of furniture from Verk is always a sustainable product of top-notch design and minimal climate impact.

Verk in brief

  • All wood used is Swedish
  • The surface finishes contain only Swedish linseed oil or a blend of linseed oil and beeswax.
  • All leather is ecologically tanned.
  • Verk has teamed up with a precision mechanics company to develop a screw made of Swedish steel.
  • Verk uses Swedish texel wool in all its upholstered furniture
  • The needle felt used as an inner cushion is made of Swedish wool.
  • The stone we use is limestone from Slite, Gotland.
  • Our plaids are woven in Sweden from Swedish wool.
  • All glass is manufactured without the use of toxic substances and blown in Sweden.