Nils Ahrenberg

Nils Ahrenberg is a designer who is just as interested in solving problems as he is in aesthetics and production.

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Gustav Winsth

Gustav Winsth is a mechanical engineer and designer who draws on his expertise from both disciplines when seeking new solutions and forms.

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Joacim Wahlström

Joacim Wahlström is a furniture designer and architect. For him, the design and choice of materials are always the most important starting points.

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Linn Fredlund

Linn Fredlund is an interior designer with a real eye for detail, materiality and tactility.

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Mia Cullin

Mia Cullin is a designer and interior designer. She combines her in-depth knowledge of materials and design with a poetic approach.

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David Ericsson

David Ericsson ideally likes to work in natural materials, often returning to traditional function and forms, which he gives a modern twist.

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