The story
of Verk

The Story

Verk’s production is the result of the combined experience that we, the people behind the company, possess. We work exclusively with Swedish raw materials and manufacture all our furniture in Sweden, without compromising on durability, traceability, functionality or design.

There’s a lot of talk about sustainability, but who actually does something about it and makes a difference? This is a question we’ve been pondering for some time – long before we started Verk. Verk is as much a messenger as it is a furniture company. We attach great importance to transparent communication and hope to be able to inspire more players in the industry. 

Greenwashing is more of a rule than an exception today. We hope that consumers can raise their basic requirements when it comes to what they accept as sustainable. Quality labels and eco-labels are, of course, a good start, but we shouldn’t rely too heavily on stamps and labels. Several certifications promise more than they can deliver, and in some cases, they can even be counterproductive when it comes to domestic production. 

We’ve succeeded in our ambition to only use Swedish wood, Swedish surface finishes, Swedish leather and Swedish wool. Our mapping work never ceases. We are constantly on the lookout for new raw materials and materials produced in Sweden and are very interested in new collaborations that can take the process forward.

We live in challenging times, and for that reason, we also need to challenge ourselves and our patterns of behaviour when it comes to consumption. We must be able to see the good in valuing a piece of furniture based on the idea that it is something that can be passed on from one generation to the next. This presupposes a balance of timeless design and quality. For the reasons above, we therefore distance ourselves from the temporary trends often conveyed in the media and via PR agencies.


Simon Anund
Co founder & Creative director
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Jacop Merlini
Co Founder
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Carl Hansson
Production Manager
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