Wool Blanket V.TP.01

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The all-Swedish wool blanket is woven from a virgin-wool blend jarn which origins from wool farms in Dalarna, Jämtland, Hälsingland and Värmland. We carefully select the wool that we use in our production line and that ensures us to deliver a fully traceable product.

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Wool is a renewable raw material. In Sweden, wool sheep are usually sheared once a year between spring and early summer to prevent the sheep from having too much wool in the warm season. So there is enough time until winter for the wool to grow back. The sheep provide us with a natural fiber that is very versitile in its application and has many beneficial properties. It is known to be skin friendly and breathable, insulating, antibacterial and self-cleaning.

Unfortunately, almost all of Swedish wool is thrown away because there is simply no market for it. However, we believe this high quality resource deserves our attention and that is why we make our blankets from 100% Swedish wool.